New Year, New Me, New Blog!

Hello! its me, so 2016 was my year to start blogging, 3 posts on and its now 2017.. blogging fail.  I know I'm about 8 years behind on all of this blogging malarkey but its something I've been meaning to do for so long but never felt I was confident enough to start or it just was never the right time timing, I wanted to find my niche and not be the stereotypical blogger. Well its January 2017, a fresh new year to jump right in and get this blog started! I'm still in the same situation, 20 something, living at home, still studying and trying to find my career path, why is life full of so many choices post-18?

I feel my head has been full of decisions and questions ever since I left school and looking at my current situation I feel like I have made the wrong choice with every single one. Anyway, that's a whole other topic that I need to cover, but for now I'm stopping in just to say Hello!, Happy New Year! and 2017 this blog will be in full swing! I'm hoping to carry on blogging my reviews and life hacks but be a bit more 'adult' and personal about things, I'm also currently trying to link up my Instagram, oooh fancy. So, if you are reading this, thank you and I will be back hopefully sometime this month with a new fancy, blog post, who knows maybe an Instagram post to match! or a YT video...ok too far Lauren, one step at a time....

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