January Favourites

January is coming to an end- can you believe it? The January blues are nearly over and we are one step closer to the Spring sunshine! I'm really not a fan of January, the shops are full of leftover sale items, the days are dull and there's no more shopping excitement! This months favourites are a mixture of beauty, fashion and food, my skin has been so dry this month so I've been testing out a few different products to give me a more radiant glow, Here are few things that I have been loving;
  Green fur coat- £27            Cream Tie jumper- £28      Ruffle Blouse- £23        Ruffle Jumper- £24
- Anita and Green
I discovered this brand on Twitter, I always love the image they put up and the outfits always look so stylish and not your classic high street style. I am totally obsessed with fur coats during winter and literally trying to buy every possible colour! When I seen their post with a gorgeous bottle green fur coat I was like- I NEED IT! I searched everywhere for my size and discovered the brand is stocked in New Look and Lipsy! They sell the most gorgeous jumpers, skirts, blouses and everything else! I bought a few bits from them in the sales and spent 'quite' a bit of money, I've been loving their brand check them out here; https://anitaandgreen.com/

- Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist 
I've been suffering with really dry and tight skin this month, I think its due to the heating in our house my skin feels really dehydrated. I've switched up my cleanser and started using a good moisturing mask once a week, what I have really been loving though is this rosewater mist by Jurlique its great for an instant hydration boost for my skin, I like to apply it in the morning and also in the evening after washing my face, I love the rose scent and it feels like the perfect skin pick me up

My Top 5 Red Lip Products!

As February is creeping upon is and the shops are filled with all things Valentines, I thought I'd take a dip into my lipstick drawer to share my top 5 red lip products! I've called them products as they are not all your traditional lipstick, I find red lipstick tricky to apply for me it has to be perfectly set, smudge-free and not too overpowering.

My love for Kiehl's

Today's post is all about my love for Kiehl's skincare. Now, I'm not one for splurging on skincare as I have dry skin which can be sensitive I normally treat myself to a good moisturiser and that's that. However I was sent a few goodies from Kiehl's previously this year and after using them for 2 weeks my skin looked and felt so much better! My face looked smoother and plumper and my makeup looked dewy and radiant and I was getting compliments on my healthy looking skin. Therefore when my facial goodies ran out I took a trip into John Lewis to explore the Kiehl's range and see what else was on offer.

New Year, New Me, New Blog!

Hello! its me, so 2016 was my year to start blogging, 3 posts on and its now 2017.. blogging fail.  I know I'm about 8 years behind on all of this blogging malarkey but its something I've been meaning to do for so long but never felt I was confident enough to start or it just was never the right time timing, I wanted to find my niche and not be the stereotypical blogger. Well its January 2017, a fresh new year to jump right in and get this blog started! I'm still in the same situation, 20 something, living at home, still studying and trying to find my career path, why is life full of so many choices post-18?