Top 5 Tall Girl Jeans

Hello my fellow tall girls! Now, if your one of the lucky ones to have a leg length over 32" then you will know the struggle of finding that perfect pair of jeans. Since the age of 15 I have been 5ft11 and shopped in near enough every high street store to find the perfect pair of jeans, I'm a pear shaped size 8-10 with a 24" waist and 40" hip so as you can imagine searching for jeans is my most dreaded chore! I like to wear a super skinny jean that sits high on the waist and fits like a glove without that dreaded backspace (girls with hips will know!). There are a lot of designer brands that do amazing jeans for the longer leg however these also come along with hefty price tag! So here I am going to talk about my experiences and tell you all my top 5 jeans under £50;

1. H&M

Super Skinny High Jeggings £14.99 (current sale price £7.99 uh BARGAIN!)

The cheapest out of the bunch, these jeans are classed as 'jeggings' as they are a thinner material and have no front pockets, they are super stretch so contain a lot Elastane which fits to your curves and are super skinny all along the legs. The sizes are on the small side which I always find in H&M! I ordered 2 sizes and ended up keeping size 28/34 and they fit my hips, waist and bum perfectly and finish below my ankle, I find these so comfortable to wear as they are not too stiff and allows room for bending and just general everyday life. I've worn mine a lot and I must say they really keep their shape and last well in the wash, They come in  5 different colours, 3 different leg lengths 34" being the longest and range in sizes 24-36.


Tall Ridley Skinny Jeans £28.00

These are great if you have a 36" + leg as they really are long, they sit really high on the waist and don't feel as if they are falling down all day. They again come in small sizes and don't contain as much stretch so it is worth ordering a few sizes and choosing the best, they are better for girls with slim hips as I found they didn't fit my waist and hips as well as others but saying that they are great quality and keep their shape well, they also come in many colours and styles.

3. Topshop
Tall Jamie Jeans £40.00

Ahh the trusty Jamie jean, these were the first pair of tall jeans I bought on the high street and I did fall in love with them, they are tight fitting, long lasting, comfortable and available in many colours. However saying that as I got older and my body shape changed I did find that they are not great for pear shapes as they fit snug on the hips but there is a lot of extra material on the waist so a belt must be worn (sigh). They are a stiff material with less Elastane so there is not as much stretch as others meaning they are not overly comfortable and can be tight on the thighs. They wash really well however and colour doesn't fade meaning they are very long lasting. They are available at 34" and 36" leg lengths and in many different styles.

4. Boden
Modern Skinny Jeans £49.50

At the higher price end these skinny jeans from Boden are expensive but a good thick denim. Now I bought these when I had a discount code and I thought I'd treat myself, they come in the long section of Boden but I wouldn't say they are overly long more of a 34" leg. They are a thick good quality denim with a little stretch and very figure hugging. I bought a size 8 and they did stretch over my bum but are very tight fitting on the legs. The only negative I would say with these jeans is that they are more of a mid-rise so don't sit comfortably over the belly! I bought the denim blue and also black, the black have lasted well with no fading in the wash, the blue however have gone a little grubby looking and haven't kept their colour as well as I thought. I do love these jeans however I wouldn't buy again as I don't feel they are worth the price tag!

5. Next

Denim Leggings £24.00

Whenever I'm looking for the basic wardrobe items I know Next Long range can always be reliable, their jeans are not the trendiest out of the bunch and can be on the pricey side but I know they can be trusty and long lasting. When I saw these 'leggings' I was drawn in by the wide range of colours available and their super soft material. They are a tight super skinny style with a high rise  waist and contain a lot of stretch so our SO comfortable. I would call them more of a jegging than a legging as they are thick enough to wear as jeans, they also come in leg length Long and Extra Long. As much as I loved the fit of these jeans they come fifth on my list much to my disappointment. I found these jeans lose shape quickly, I've had mine for 3 months now worn only a handful of times and they no longer fit as well as they did, they have gone baggy around the bum and don't fit as snug on the waist, which is a shame as I really loved them when I first bought them!

Where do you buy your jeans?

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