The Block Heel Trend

You know when you have a fancy occasion, you think and plan your fancy outfit, with the super cute dress, the pretty little bag, flawless makeup, big bouncy hair and then...of course the SHOES. Now for most women buying shoes is up there with one of their most favourite things to do, so much choice, so many colours and styles making you feel so elegant and tall. HOWEVER I'm going to tell you about the other side of shoe shopping and the tall girl dread of finding those fancy shoes.

Buying heels as a tall girl is chore and a very difficult decision; do you opt for high heels? kitten heels? flats? whatever you choose you'll always feel like you made the wrong decision. I remember when I was younger I'd want to wear all the shoes my friends were wearing so I did, I was 5ft 11 and walking around in 5 inch heels and as you could imagine the stares and snide comments come in thick and fast, but what was a girl to do? wearing kitten heels made me feel frumpy and flat shoes made me feel so underdressed!
But it's 2016 and finally tall girls, I think we have the answer... the Block heel trend.
I seen this trend creep onto ASOS at the beginning of Spring and I was completely overjoyed, finally a midi size heel that didn't scream old lady!
As months progressed I have noticed many different styles, colours and patterns creeping up on the high street and I feel like I have to buy every pair, they are comfortable yet elegant, they give a little height (ranging from 2" heel to 4") and jus
t feel so classy! I wore a pair to a recent wedding and there were no stares, no comments and I felt like a lady! Hallelujah! 

Tall girls, like me if you are conscious of your height and dread shopping for a fancy shoe I recommend to you the Block Heel Trend! 


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